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N4 Lesson 7: 13/18
いらっしゃる いらっしゃる to be (honorific), to come (honorific), to go (honorific) Remember not to use honorific language when speaking about yourself and your actions!
いる・くる・いく → いらっしゃる
Verb[ている]Verb[て]+ いらっしゃる

Verb[なかった] → いらっしゃらなかった
います・きます・いきます → いらっしゃます
Verb[ている]Verb[て]+ いらっしゃます

Verb[なかった] → いらっしゃせんでした
Part of Speech
Word Type
Register Formal
使用域 敬語
Like the previous few grammar points, いらっしゃる is also a 尊敬語(そんけいご) (honorific) expression. Thich means that it elevates the status of another person, in order to pay respect. It will never be used when referring to the speaker themselves, or their actions.
いらっしゃる can be used to replace 居(い)る ‘to be’, 来(く)る ‘to come’, or 行(い)く ‘to go’. This is due to the unique perspective that 尊敬語(そんけいご) places the speaker in, in relation to the person that is being respected. This is a slightly advanced concept that we will discuss more later.
To use いらっしゃる, simply replace いる, くる, or いく with いらっしゃる.
  • あなた隣(となり)いらっしゃのはお嫁(よめ)さんです
    Is the person next to you your wife?
  • あと30分(ぷん)社長(しゃちょう)いらっしゃるので準備(じゅんび)てください
    The CEO is coming in 30 minutes, so please get ready.
  • 先輩(せんぱい)明日(あした)忘年会(ぼうねんかい)いらっしゃいます
    Senpai, are you coming to the end of year party tomorrow?
Alternatively, いらっしゃる may also be used to replace いる, くる, or いく when they are attached to the て-form of another verb.
  • 田中様(たなかさま)来(き)ていらっしゃので案内(あんない)お願(ねが)いします
    Mr. Tanaka is here, so please guide him (to where he needs to be).
  • マユミさんタクシーに乗(の)っいらっしゃのでもうすぐ着(つ)きます
    Mayumi-san is coming by taxi, so she will be here soon.
  • 今日(きょう)歩(ある)いいらっしゃいそうです
    It appears as though he will come by foot.
Fun-fact - おいでになる is another expression which can replace いる, くる, or いく. This was briefly examined previously, when we learned the お~になる grammar point. おいでになる and いらっしゃる are almost completely interchangable.
  • 社長(しゃちょう)忘年会(ぼうねんかい)においでになると聞(き)きました。
    I heard that the CEO will be at the end of year party.
  • 社長(しゃちょう)忘年会(ぼうねんかい)にいらっしゃると聞(き)きました
    I heard that the CEO will be at the end of year party.
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